• Punish the Punctual

    (cc) photo by brickomotion I am almost always on time (*). I am this way because I plan to be on time. If I am going somewhere I have never been, I make sure I know the route to get there and know a couple of alternate routes, just in...
  • Anonymous surveys

    Human nature: The more they tell you that the School / Work / Community Group survey is anonymous, the less likely you are to believe it. Dilbert Cartoon is by and copyright Scott Adams - click on it to visit his site.
  • Thirsty Developer Archive

    Several years ago, I help create and co-host a podcast called The Thirsty Developer with my good friend and fellow Microsoft Evangelist, Dave Bost. Creating, producing and editing the show was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had around work. I hesitate to call it work, because we...
  • Azure Web Apps Red Exclamation / Orphaned Deployment Slots

    Quick Summary: if you are seeing the red exclamation on your web apps in the old Azure portal ( run the PowerShell Get-AzureWebsite command to see if you have deployment slots that are orphaned when you deleted the parent Web App. Delete the orphans and the red exclamation (and related...
  • ACLS Game 5 / Photoshop Practice

    I will be rooting for the Oakland A’s in game 5 of the ALCS on Thursday (October 10th). I posted this photo to show that, but also to practice my Photoshop skills. You can also check out the original photo.

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