We had a blogging contest for the installfest that we had on Tuesday the 17th in Milwaukee, WI. The installfest was held in conjunction with the Wisconsin .NET User’s group and was also a holiday party. You can read about the event and the contest in my previous post entitled “Installfest Fun”. Tonight I had my wife Jodie pull a playing card from a deck to determine the winner (based on the order of comments on the post, not counting my comment or the people who left more than one comment). I am pleased to announce the winner, Ellen Dettwiler won the Zune 80 GB device. You can check out her blog post:


This is Ellen’s first ever blog post and hopefully it will kick start her blogging career. I mentioned during the event that if you had a Live ID, then you had a blog at Live Spaces. Ellen took my advice and posted an entry and won the contest. Ellen, contact me and we will make arrangements to get you your Zune.

My favorite feature contest

I mentioned in my previous post that Dave Bost would be announcing the “My favorite feature of Visual Studio 2008” blogging contest. Unfortunately, Dave did not get a chance to post the contest before the Holidays. Please check back on his blog after the holidays, but in the mean time start working with Visual Studio 2008 so that you will be all ready to create your blog entry.