If you happen to be in the Twin Cities on October 27th or you want to take a road trip and see a lot of code, consider going to the Twin Cities Code Camp. Code Camps are free events (thanks to the sponsors) where the focus is on code. Unlike the devcamps that we have been having in the Chicago area, a code camp is not focused on just one technology, but you get small doses of a lot of different technologies - all with lots of code! This is the third time they have had a code camp up there (they had one in Fall 2006 and one in Spring 2007) and the past ones have created a lot of excitement. Jason Bock of Magenic is the chief planner of the TCCC and he does a wonderful job of putting the event together (you have probably seen Jason speak if you attend .NET User Group Meetings). If you check out the session list you will see it is packed with a lot of cool topics (AJAX, XNA, 3D Game Programming and Robotics Studio). A couple of my colleagues, Jeff Brand and Mike Benkovich, will be doing presentations as part of the code camp as well.