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This blog has gotten more popular with one segment of the Internet: the sleazy people that use blog mechanisms for feedback like Pingback, Trackback and comments to spread link spam.  Most of the posts on this blog got slammed with dozens of links to porn, free ring tones and vacation home offers.  I apologize to anyone who clicked on a link and got something they did not want to see.  I spent a couple hours cleaning up the articles (dasBlog is great, but I could not find a mass delete feature) and I have now disabled PingBacks.  I suspect that in the next couple of days that I will get the same on the Trackback feature and have to shut that down as well.  It is a pity because I have actually had a couple of good Trackback entries.

I am drawing the line at comments, because I want someone way to hear from the people who are reading what I have to say (I have gotten some good comments lately, thank you!).  I do moderate the comments to keep the trash to a minimum, so if your comment does not show up for a day or so, please have patience.  I will always approve any comment (good or bad) from a real person that has something to say….unless you want to talk about free ring tones.

2 thoughts on “Pingback Spam”

  1. I’ve been suffering a deluge of pingback spam at the moment in my dasBlog installation, which is why I’ve ended up here whilst Googling for some suggestions of how to deal with it!

    Anyway, I don’t know if you’re aware, but there is a way of mass deleting spam, but it’s a bit of a faff: you need to copy the *.dayfeedback.xml content files to your local machine, then run the DasBlogUpgrader.exe against these files. If you configure the DasBlogUpgrader.exe.config file you can include keywords to use for its matching – most of my spam in the last couple of weeks has come from the same few domain names, so I just included some appropriate entries in the "badWords" settings entry.

    I also added these domain names to the referral url blacklist, and signed up for a WordPress account so I could get an API key for Akismet, so we’ll see if these make any difference.


  2. Bryan-

    Thanks for the suggestions. I noticed that some of my favorite blogs that run under dasblog have been slammed this week as well. Seems to be wide spread. 🙁


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