360 back from the shop

My XBOX 360 went down for the count a couple of weeks ago.  The primary unit itself was okay – meaning it did not have the red light of death that you hear about.  The DVD drive would not read any disks and it made a very mechanical grinding sound when it would try and read a disk.  The support guy was good; he ran me through a couple of tests (primarily checking to see if the disk I had was in good shape and trying both games and DVD movies in the drive).  After a few minutes of troubleshooting he arranged for the repair.  I did not have to pay a dime and they even sent me the box to pack it all up in.  I received updates via e-mail as each step in the process was completed.  UPS even called me the day before (automated message) to let me know that a signature was required for delivery.  On Thursday the brown truck pulled up and my 360 was back home!

But enough about the repair process, I am ready to get back into the game.  If anybody reading this blog has an XBOX Live account I am looking for some online gaming buddies, my gamertag is Bottom9th (as you can see from the cool badge that I have on my blog pages).  I just got Gears of War right before the drive failed on the unit, so I am up for some assistance on that one (Dave Bost told me in the campaign you can have someone from XBOX Live join you).  That and I am always up for a game of Halo 2!  See you online…..

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