Intro Slide

I was lucky enough to be selected as a speaker for the Wisconsin version of That Conference that was held last July up in the Wisconsin Dells. My Session was entitled “How Google builds products and how you can too”.

I had been working at Google on the cloud platform for about 18 months when I put the presentation together. I have always been a big history buff and computer history is a part of that (it has the benefits of much of it having taken place in my lifetime). I was really fascinated about how Google developed so much of their technology (preview: you tend to solve the problems that you are faced with). I tried to keep the presentation to telling stories about how products are developed and how our customers are using them these days (so as not to sound like a sales pitch). I have a PDF of the slides available, but if you are interested I can walk you through the deck as well.

Interested in attending or speaking at That Conference?

I have really enjoyed both times that I have been to That Conference. Clark and his group of volunteers put on a great event. It is a fantastic value (cost wise) when compared to other conferences and it is a fantastic community.

The “southern” version of That Conference, held in Round Rock, TX is actually being held next week (late notice).

The call for speakers for the Wisconsin That Conference 2023 is open until March 1, 2023. I plan on submitting a talk, but want to go even if my topic is not selected.