The Spam Mascot

The Spam Mascot< by dalangalma used under Creative Commons

Like most people, I hate spam e-mail. But at the same time I want people who stumble upon this blog to be able to easily contact me without having to go through a contact form, I want them to be able to use their own e-mail client and for them to know my e-mail address (radical thought, eh?). I have noticed a lot of people having their e-mail address on their blogs or web pages in various forms. I suspect that depending on the form of the e-mail that they publish they get various amounts of SPAM. So this blog post is a test to see how much spam I will get by throwing out e-mail addresses in various obfuscated forms. I know this blog is crawled by several search engines and some other bots (that I have no idea what they are), so I hope that this is a valid test.

Jeff.Smith AT

Julie dot Jones at larryclarkin dot com

[My Last Name] period [My First Name] at the domain of this blog

I will report on the results a couple of times, once after 7 days and once after a month. I am interested to see what happens.