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A few weeks ago, at the SilverlightDevCamp in Chicago, George Durzi from The Revere Group said to me “This devcamp is a great event, we should have one of these for SharePoint”. George was instantly drafted into the “SharePoint DevCamp planning committee”along with Kevin Marshall from Clarity Consulting and Chris Kadel from Sogeti. With just a couple of quick conference calls and a couple hundred “reply all” e-mails, MOSSCamp was born. Since then we have added IMG to the sponsors and planning committee as well.

MOSSCamp is an unconference style event that is focused on development for the SharePoint platform (both WSS and MOSS 2007). We will not be covering the deployment or collaboration features of the product (unless someone wants to lead a breakout session on those). We will have an introduction to SharePoint (optional) for the first hour of the camp, for those who are new to the platform.


Date: November 9th, 2007
Time: 11:00 - 5:30 (optional social afterwards)
Location: Clarity Consulting, One North Franklin, Suite 3400, Chicago, IL 60606

Let’s have some fun with this

Devcamps are different from the traditional Microsoft Events that you have been to. There is no firm agenda, although we do have a tentative schedule of some great speakers lined up. The schedule will change and there will be lots of impromptu breakouts that will happen over the course of the day (or not depending on how everyone feels about it). If you got some great stuff to share, you will be encouraged to lead a breakout. Don’t want to lead a break out? Just participate in the conversation.

Pizza and Beer - all day long. If you are of legal age and want to participate (no peer pressure here), we will have some great Chicago style pizza and adult beverages for lunch and throughout the day.

Airing of Grievances. In the great tradition of Festivus, over lunch we are going to ask everyone to tell us about issues they have had with SharePoint. Our goal is not the bash the product, but have an open discussion about things that need to be improved. Chris Kadel is planning on bringing a pole.

Free T-shirts. The sponsors have chipped in to give the first 100 people who register and show up to the camp a free T-shirt, custom designed by Kevin Marshall (and sorry, it only comes in Charlie Brown colors).

MOSS first, then Halo. After a long day of talking and learning about MOSS, relax with a few games of Halo 3. We will hang out and have fun for as long as everyone wants.

Lots of prizes. Wrox has donated a stack of books to giveaway and IMG has donated a training class. We will also have the usual Microsoft giveaways (software and XBOX games).


Register on the Microsoft Events site (so we know how much pizza and beer to get)
MOSSCamp Wiki (hosted on WSS - of course)
Facebook Event Page