This Saturday, September 29th is a day that will be packed full of discussions around Rich Internet Applications. Here is a quick run down of the events:

Tech Cafe with Ryan Stewart of Adobe - 9:00 AM @Bucketworks in Milwaukee

Ryan Stewart the Rich Internet Application Mountaineer, Adobe Evangelist and Znet RIA Blogger will be the special guest at a Tech Cafe held at Bucketworks. A tech Cafe is “an informal geek gathering focused around a single tech topic” and the topic for this one is Adobe AIR.  More Info

SilverlightDevCamp - 11:00 AM @Clarity Consulting in Downtown Chicago

SilverlightDevCamp is a barcamp style conference that is focused on building Silverlight applications. Kevin Marshall of Clarity Consulting is the mastermind behind the event being held in downtown Chicago (just a few blocks from Union Station). Kevin is the world’s foremost expert on organizing a SilverlightDevCamp, because this is the second one that he is done in 2 weeks, he also organized the San Francisco SilverlightDevCamp a couple weeks ago (the one in Chicago is the second one ever, but not the last - DC and Dallas ones are coming). And to keep this from being a Microsoft only event, we have invited Zach Stepek of Crave media and the Stateline Adobe Users Group to come show use Flex and AIR at the devcamp. More Info

Adobe OnAIR - 7:00 PM @MCA Warehouse in Downtown Chicago

Adobe has been crossing the country in a bus to spread the word about AIR. Saturday is their last stop on the first leg of the tour ahead of Adobe Max and they are planning a big event.  Ryan Stewart will be kicking things off with the keynote at 7:00 PM (yeah the same Ryan Stewart who started the day in Milwaukee). More Info

Are you up for the triple play?