BarCamp Milwaukee 2 Logo

BarCamp Milwaukee 2 Logo by rohdesign used under Creative Commons

The guys and gals over at Web414, Bucketworks and a whole bunch of other people have been working feverishly over the last couple of months to plan out the second Barcamp based in Milwaukee. Barcamp is a neat experience where you get a group of people together and talk about technology and non-technology topics.  Barcamps are done in an unconference style where there is a lose organization around what topics will be covered (this can be a little disconcerting if you have only attended traditional conferences, but don’t worry - you get used to it quickly and when it doubt, just ask someone). Because the event is so fluid, I would encourage you to keep checking the main site for event details as they unfold.

There is only one real “rule” to barcamps and that is that everyone is expected to participate in the event. That can mean giving a quick session on something, or at the very least getting involved in the discussions during a session (it is real hard to not get involved). Participating in the event can also be as simple as bringing some duck tape along with you.

Event Details and Links

Start Time: Saturday October 13th 10:00 AM

End Time: Sunday October 14th 4:00 PM

Location: Schlitz Park Center, 1555 Rivercenter Dr. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin