Baseball players at the plater

As you may know from reading this weblog, I am a big baseball fan. I catch as many games as I can in person, both at home and on the road and I also watch a lot of it on TV. So I was very excited to see that has started to roll out a new media player based on the Silverlight 1.0 platform. They have only rolled it out in a couple of parts of their site for right now and this is not the full blown media player that we saw some glimpses of earlier this year at MIX (hopefully that is coming soon!). There are a couple of interesting things to note:

  • This is a Silverlight 1.0 implementation, so it is based on the javascript implementation not the .NET runtime

  • This is the Release Candidate version, which included a “go live” license on it

  • The Silverlight is being served up from a JSP page