A Crowbar

There are some issues and changes going on with this blog and I want to apologize if you have an unpleasant experience over the previous few and the next few days. I understand if you rip me off of your feedreader, I have a low tolerance for change and availability myself. Here are some of the things going on:

  • My ISP (DiscountASP.net) is under serious attack with a multi-day DDOS attack. I understand that the attack is not their fault, but it has gone on a little too long for my taste.

  • I am re-shuffling some domains and hosting accounts that I own. My goal is to get everything on one Virtual Server, rather than scattered in 3 accounts on 2 separate hosting companies. I do not intend this to effect the up or downtime of this site, but you never know.

  • As part of the above change, I moved off of Feedburner. My thought was that it would be easier to move if the feed was coming from the site rather than a service. In hind site the opposite is true and if I thought about it long enough I would have realized that. I am not sure if moving back would break more people that it fixes. If you are not getting updates, re-burn the feed again.

  • Over the next couple months I am going to launch one or two more sites that I am working on now (I should not promise too much - it might be into the fall before I have something fully baked). Hence the reason for wanting to go with a virtual server.

  • I am also refreshing my blogroll, navigation, some of the items on the sidebar to give the blog a fresher look and feel.

  • I am upgrading some of the software that runs this site (specifically the version of dasBlog).

  • larryclarkin.com will still be the main blogging site and I appreciate everyone who is following along.