The PDC that was scheduled for October of this year has been postponed (no reschedule date has been announced). I have been asking a lot of people “Hey are you going to TechEd this year” and the answer that I have gotten from a lot of people has been “I am skipping TechEd this year because I am saving my training for the PDC”. So I am sure that a lot of people are disappointed, because the PDC is such a special event for developers.

I was talking with Joe Stagner about the PDC just last week at PHPTek and one of the customers we were with asked “What makes you decide to have a PDC?”. Joe said “We have a PDC when we have something to say about future technology”. There is no set schedule (although it looked like it was lining up to happen every other year). Does this mean that Microsoft has nothing to say about future technologies?  We have said a lot about future technologies is just the past few weeks, primarily with all the announcements about Silverlight at MIX07 (go here and here on Josh Holmes’ blog). It just means they need a little more time to make the PDC the event that all developers expect it to be. I can wait, especially when we have so much new stuff to play with right now.