We kicked off the spring ArcReady tour a couple of weeks ago and it is off to a great start. I had some concern that we would be able to fill a full 3 hour program just sticking to the topic of User Experience. Boy was I wrong! We are having trouble keeping the conversation to only 3 hours! Part of that is our guest speaker, Chris Bernard, who has many great insights to tell the architects in the audience about how professional designers think and operate. The other is that the audience participation has been very good, clearly the topic of User Experience resonates with many people. There are still several cities that the ArcReady tour will stop at, including ones that I will be at in Indianapolis (5/24) and Milwaukee (6/12). Check out http://www.ArcReady.com for the complete list of cities.

I am also working on a couple of blog posts about some of the points that Chris has brought up in our discussions at the ArcReady events. Stay tuned (tonight I am catching up on all the photos stored on my cameras).