I try to keep this blog as work related as possible, but this post will be an exception. I am a big fan of podcasts. I have a Zune that has 100s of songs on it, but I rarely use it to listen to music because I spend most of my time listening to Podcasts on the device. I have an eclectic mix of podcasts that I listen to: lots of technology related ones and several news oriented ones, but one of my favorite podcasts is the Baseball History Podcast. It is a podcast done by a baseball fan (not a professional broadcaster) named Bob Wright, who lives in California and is a die hard Angels fan. He has done the show for a little over a year and does 2 episodes a week during the season and 1 during the offseason. The show lasts from 7 minutes to 20 minutes depending on the topic and generally follows the format of talking about a player, a baseball term and then a ballpark.

Recently I traded a few e-mails with Bob asking him to do major league baseball parks (both past and present) during the third segment of the show (until the first of the year it was primarily done on minor league parks). He mentioned to me that I could send him the information on one of the ballparks if I wanted to. After procrastinating for a couple of months I finally sat down one Staturday night and pounded out the “History of Milwaukee County Stadium” - the abridged version of course. Since I had listened to dozens of the episodes of the show, I knew Bob Wright’s style very well and wrote it with him in mind. I must have done a good job with it, because Bob recorded it word for word from the e-mail I sent him. You can check out the episode at the following location or the iTunes Podcast directory. My segment starts about 6:10 into the episode if you are not interested in learning more about Frank Howard (but give the whole episode a listen):