This Wednesday I am going to be speaking at the Rockford .NET User Group in Rockford, IL. The talk will start about 6:00 PM. Here is the address:

Quantum Design
8400 E. Riverside Blvd.
Rockford, IL 61111

The topic will be AJAX, but I am going to try and cover it from a design pattern perspective. There are at least 3 distinct design patterns that you can implement with ASP.NET AJAX or the Control toolkit:

  • Partial Page Rendering

  • Web Service calls from the client

  • Control Extension (not necessarily AJAX at all!)

Don’t let all of the discussion about design patterns scare you - it will not be just a PowerPoint show. I will get down and dirty with a couple of examples. Based on feedback from the presentation I did in Milwaukee I will not spend half an hour showing all the permutations of AJAX using the Fiddler tool.