Microsoft is making hundreds of free eLearning vouchers for developers and architects (first come, first served basis). I am sure that some of you are rolling your eyes out there saying “How good can it be” - I know because that is usually my opinion on eLearning in general and free eLearning in specific. 🙂

Before I decided to publish this on my blog I went out and checked out the courses first hand myself. I went through a course on AJAX and it was pretty good! (I took the free one, because I did not want to use one of the vouchers that are for customers)

So here are the “rules”:

  • You get four courses for free

  • You have to register before June 30, 2007 - but if you are interested at all register now (remember first come, first served)

  • Relax - you have a whole year to take the courses

Here are the steps you need to go through to register:

  1. Go

  2. Input your access code: 6841-USDPEMW-5316

  3. You will be prompted to sign-in using a valid Microsoft Passport ID (this will be the username and password you will use to access the site each time you log in). If you already have a profile on, use that Passport ID. If you do not have a Passport ID click “Register” to create one.

  4. From the “Thank You” page, click on My Learning to see the list of available courses.

If you have problems accessing the E-Learning, please contact the Microsoft e-learning support center at: 1-877-383-2829