Don’t cross the designer

A few months ago a buddy of mine at work asked if wanted to “see something interesting” and told me to go to Glass House Brewing in my browser.  If you go there now, you will see a different site, but at the time, this is what the site looked like:

Glass House Brewering Web Site - Full Site View

I would love to know the back story behind this little feud that wound up playing out in public.  Maybe they would tell me the whole story over a beer?  I will say at least the designer made sure that it looked okay on a mobile screen as well:

Glass House Brewering Web Site - Mobile View

Right before I hit “publish”, I remembered a similar post that I did from 2008: Messy Divorce: Internet Style.  I guess I should do a post like this every decade or so to remind people to secure their domain names.

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