Silverlight @ Milwaukee Web Design Meeting

Sorry for the late notice on this one.  I am going to be giving a short overview of Silverlight tonight at the Milwaukee Web Design Meetup group.  I am going to be showing some of the canned demos, but will also be slinging some code during the presentation.  I am going to try and show as little Powerpoint as possible (I promise).  I am going to be focusing on the 3 most ground-breaking things with Silverlight:

  • The new designer / developer paradigm that XAML can bring
  • The need for Rich Internet Applications in the next generation web
  • The power of server side and client side coding

2 thoughts on “Silverlight @ Milwaukee Web Design Meeting”

  1. Thanks for the great presentation, being a big Adobe user you have made me want to give some of Microsoft’s offerings a closer look.
    I agree Asp.NET/AJAX is the worst name ever, I think who ever named that should be flogged with a thesaurus. There has to be a better name for it. Silverlight is defiantly interesting, I am going to try and get a flex guy in next month to really see what the strengths and weaknesses of each platform are. Oh and your blog design, while plain is very good for what your trying to do.

    I have to say the darkside is starting to look more tempting,

    Luke Kilpatrick
    User Group Manager
    Milwaukee Adobe User Group

  2. I think this group would really like the new features for design in Orcas. The features for CSS have been expanded extensively with refactoring support which this group should eat up. The expanded support for embedding master pages is also pretty useful.

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